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How to Determine the Age of Your Soul

Have you ever been described as an “old soul,” or met someone who seems to be wise well beyond their years? According to the theory of soul age, all souls are on a journey to learn important lessons through many lifetimes. Rather than corresponding to your chronological age, the age of your soul corresponds to the amount of experiences it’s had — in other words, the number of times it has been reincarnated.

Reincarnation and Soul Age

Reincarnation (also known as transmigration or metempsychosis) generally doesn’t allow people to carry memories from one lifetime to the next, but that doesn’t mean that the soul is a completely clean slate between journeys. Souls that have undergone many reincarnations exhibit different characteristics than those who have not, and this often manifests in their life goals and attitude toward personal development.

The purpose of reincarnation is one of refinement. As souls progress through multiple lifetimes, they accumulate experiences and learn lessons. This allows them to grow and mature through being young souls, middle aged souls, and old souls — the point at which the soul is perfected and reincarnation is no longer necessary. Past life regressions and fortune telling online are helpful ways to uncover lessons that may need to be learned in order for souls to progress, but it is ultimately reincarnation that allows them to advance.

How Old Is Your Soul?

To determine the age of a soul, I find it’s most helpful to look at a person’s approach to life — are they rigid or free-spirited? How important is individuality to them? Do they seek out metaphysical pursuits? These can be some of the strongest indicators of a soul’s age.

Young souls find comfort in rule systems and familiar surroundings. They may be reliant on their peer group, and often find fulfillment in family or religious organizations. Souls at the upper end of this range generally find themselves seeking to prove their worth to those around them, and seek independence by standing head and shoulders above the other members of the groups they found comfort in during their previous incarnations.

Middle-aged souls typically display more maturity and patience than younger souls. They are better able to work in a group without being as heavily reliant on them as very young souls, and exhibit traits of responsibility and dependability. They also tend to focus more on personal development than differentiating themselves from their peers for the sake of being different.

Old souls have lived through hundreds of reincarnations. They know the ropes, and are typically relaxed and calm in their dealings. They are excellent at giving advice, deeply empathetic, and have the ability to take a bird’s eye view of any problem. Particularly old souls may become spiritual gurus, and seek to help other people along on their souls’ journeys.

Are You an Old Soul?

No soul age is better or worse than another — while old souls may be closer to the end of the refining process, young souls have an unmatched energy and exuberance the world would be far worse off without. That said, the old souls I have met usually exhibit a particular group of traits you may see within yourself.

Old souls may exhibit some innate abilities, like clairvoyance or strong intuition, and maintain a meaningful relationship with the psychosynthesis concept of Self. They are not ego-driven or materialistic, and understand that this existence is just one tiny part of an infinitely large and beautiful reality. For this reason, they may find themselves unable to relate to others of their chronological age and spend much of their time in introspection. Some old souls may even be drawn to certain historical periods from centuries, or even millennia, before they were born into this life. They may seek out fortune telling online as a way to focus their introspection and learn more during their lifetime.

Whether someone is an old soul or a young one, still learning life’s lessons or offering their wisdom to the world, spiritual guidance is always a sound investment. Contact me today for a reading and see what this stage of your soul’s journey has in store for you.

5-Reasons to Avail Paid Online Clairvoyant Service

Are you looking for an immediate clairvoyant consultation? Are you in a hurry but want effective solutions right away? Then without wasting any more time—visit a clairvoyant online. Yes, with the emergence of online services, consulting spiritual healers such as clairvoyants, psychics, or tarot readers has become very convenient.

As you surf the internet you will be catered with a multitude of options such as free psychic consultations, paid consultations, chat or email psychic or clairvoyant choices etc.

Opting for the paid services sounds great. Why? Here some viable pointers are discussed on the same- Take a look and let’s see if you are convinced.

Best consultation as Money talks—

You must agree that good things demand the price. Thus, when you are out there to clairvoyant, why shouldn’t you consider paying the professional for better consultation? We are not saying that the clairvoyant is not going to read you good for the free consultations they offer most of the time for promoting their services. But if you go for the paid sessions, they will be able to focus on you and will be able to give you more time than that they could afford investing during offering the free session.

Think about it. If you come in the list of the paid clients, you can easily connect with the professional whenever you want as you now belong to one of the trusted clients without any doubt.

The value of time—

It’s not at all times when you have to travel down the distance to the clairvoyant. This can be done online too or over the phone. You can also choose the chat or the emailing service which has become very time saving electronic options used. Value your time and save it by availing online and paid clairvoyant services.

Professional touch—

You agree or not the paid services always have an outstanding professional touch. You can expect the same from the clairvoyant that you have chosen for an online consultation. For example, the psychic will explain you the situations in details and by mentioning the sources. Often, they don’t enter that deep while offering a free consultation.

Remedies suggested and discounts on next consultations—

Another favorable service that most clairvoyants offer mostly on the paid service packages that is the remedies. You may need some remedies or suggestions to avoid any tough situation you are going through. But with the extreme ability powers the clairvoyants with the help of the psychic mediums such as tarot cards, crystal balls etc can help you with some remedies.

You can get the details of the remedies only from the paid service packages that many prolific clairvoyants offer.

Enjoy the special treatment—

Believe us or not—you will enjoy the special treatment that you can get from the clairvoyance services while purchasing the paid packages. Online you can consult the psychic anytime 24/7/365 until and unless the professional is taking a leave for any reason. In many such paid services such facilities can be enjoyed.

So, get the best from the gypsy clairvoyant online sessions by opting for the paid services.

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4 Ways a Gypsy Fortune Teller Predict your Future

If you ever visit the countryside, you could have come across with people dressed in motleys and flamboyant outfits sitting by a round table and welcoming people. These warm hearted people are called as gypsy fortune tellers and mostly they are in this profession for generations. Usually, these clans belong to Hungary and they roam from places to places and mostly live in temporary tents. Gypsy fortune telling is often arranged in many city fairs as well. But mostly you will get them in the country.

There are many unpleasant myths surrounding the gypsy clans and especially, their fortune telling endeavors. Skeptics are always in a mood to find out viable pointers satisfying their urges or questioning the powers of the gypsy fortune tellers. As a matter of fact, whether you accept or not, there are many such nomadic tribes across the whole world, popular for correctly prophesying the future.

They are carrying the legacy of their ancestors who claim for having divine powers to get the visions of the past as well as the future. Here, we have handpicked the popular four ways followed by the gypsies to predict the futur for instance by using tarot cards.


Most of you have seen crystallomancy in many pictures or movies where the gypsy is found sitting with a crystal ball on a table. They claim that they can see the future through that magic ball. Crystallomancy is said to be one of the most ancient future telling methods and fortunately this process is still practiced by many gypsy clairvoyants or fortune-teller.


Many gypsy fortune tellers consider this to be one of the most sought after methods of predicting the future. In this process, some grains are spread across the ground and they wait for the birds to come and feed on that. The pattern which is left on the floor, the gypsies can predict the future by reading those contours.


Call it nonsense or weird, but tasseography is one of the most practiced future prediction process that gypsies often do. They as their clients to drink a cup of tea in a cup and when the tea is finished the gypsy reads the contours formed by sediments of the tea accumulated at the bottom of the cup.


By reading the lines on your palms the gypsies can tell you the forthcoming days, your apathies, agonies, winnings etc. Palmistry is one of the oldest fortune-telling practices across the whole world. The gypsies are no wonder out of this fashion. Many of them will ask for your hands and start reading the lines.

Call them witch, shamans, sorcerers or simply the fortune-tellers—they are the one who can give a glimpse of what is going to be in your upcoming days by some ways.