Zodiac Compatibility In Friendship

Wondering whether your friendship will last the test of time or will it wither away? Find out how you relate to your friend, and what the stars say about your relationship with your friends. Will you be friends forever? Get the scoop on how best to deal with your friends, and make the most of your relationship! There are the 12 Zodiac Signs and friendship astrology, how friendly each of them is and how they get along with the other Signs. Consider not only your Star Sign but Moon Sign for emotions, Rising for how you appear to others, as well as the position of Venus for love and Mercury for communication. When we think about the zodiac signs that are most compatible, it’s often in the context of romantic relationships. But what about our other relationships? Which zodiac signs make the best friends? It’s fun to imagine our personalities are defined right from the start, and that the moon and stars are all somehow involved. Might our sun signs also indicate what kind of friends we are? Are you and your best friend meant to be? Read on to see if you and your bestie are a perfect match made in the cosmos.


Four Key Elements in Zodiac Sign Compatibility

You may know there are the 12 signs of the zodiac, but do you know the element of each sign? There are four elements: fire, earth, air, and water, making what is called a triplicity of three signs per each element. In Astrology, there are four fundamental elements, which are:

  1.     Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
  2.     Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)
  3.     Air (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra)
  4.     Water ( Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)


It’s the influence of elemental elements that largely determines the temperament and love compatibility of a person. The best compatibility in love is possible between those born under the same element or with representatives of friendly primary elements: Compatibility Fire and Air (two active elements) and Compatibility Water with the Earth (passive elements), although this doesn’t mean that their relationship has no problems. 


The Earth and Water elements are, as in nature considered compatible. The deliberate, stable, dependable traits of the Earth signs complement the sensitive, intuitive, emotional traits of the Water signs. The Fire and Air elements are, as in nature, considered compatible. The energetic, enthusiastic, competitive traits of the Fire signs complement the changeable, expedient, versatile traits of the Air signs. These signs truly uplift the strength of the Sun and each individual born as one of these Sun signs has an assignment to nurture and cherish their emotional side. They often have to be trained for compassion and a deeper understanding of other people, and have basic problems in relationships triggered by their need to give more than they should to those who didn’t ask for anything.


Compatibility between Elements –


AIR-FIRE: On a good day, the fire sign adds strength and creativity to the air sign, while the air sign feeds the fire sign’s energy. On a bad day, these two have a tendency to tire each other. Air doesn’t really need Fire, though Fire is able to heat air and cause it to rise. Air also provides concepts and ideas for the Fire sign to act on and forge into reality.


EARTH-WATER: Exalted, these two are akin to a waterfall on a mountain—the earth sign gains invigoration and life from the water sign’s emotional depth; the water sign is nourished and finds expression in the earth sign’s nature. Water nourishes the Earth sign so it may grow to its fullest potential, and feels comfortable finding a home in Earth. Earth loves Water’s life force and giving energy.


FIRE-WATER: In the water-fire combination, good compatibility is much like a hot spring—it nourishes the people in and around this combination. In a bad compatibility, these two have the opposite effect—they burn and hurt the people around them. Water can provide sensitivity and patience to his fiery counterpart, whereas Fire can provide motivation and the courage to act that the Water sign usually lacks. In order for a relationship to work, Fire and Water need to have a great deal of respect because each has the capability to destroy the other.


FIRE-EARTH: At its best, the solar energy of the fire sign brings the earth sign to life; giving the earth sign new experiences and the fire sign a healthy self-image. Fire sets the Earth ablaze with passion and intensity, whereas Earth provides the Fire sign with some much needed discipline and acts as a grounding force in the Fire sign’s life. Earth can certainly contain fire but when Fire rages it can temporarily rob Earth of its life-giving nutrients.


EARTH-AIR: The earth sign receives lessons on creativity—how to use thought to influence reality. At its worst, these two’s inability to understand each other creates dramatic fights, with the air sign using words like “freedom” and “dumb,” and the earth sign commenting on the air sign’s “childlike worthlessness.” Depending on its mood (and therefore its temperature) Air can either provide Earth with loving warmth or give her an icy chill and cold shoulder


AIR-WATER: The air sign is refreshed by the water sign’s slow movement, while the water sign is given intellectual flight to its emotions by the air sign. Not a favorable combination because air and water can combine to form destructive natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and tsunamis. These two signs can work together if they are able to not let small conflicts snowball until they get out of control.

Tarot Can Fix Your Life

Tarot readings can help you to learn about the circumstances surrounding any question you have and the best part is, it can also give you an insight into your future. Reading someone’s future can be frightening because the readings do not show you anything that you already know. So, let us look at the major benefits to tarot readings and how Tarot can fix your life from misery:

Tarot Readings provide incredible insight into your life

Tarot reading can give you very much detailed information about your current circumstances which normal psychic reading won’t have. Each individual Tarot card has a unique meaning that applies to your life that is why each card can be used to help you in a much better way. Most of the time it is the layout which gives you information regarding how your friends and family affect your question, your love life, financial situation, and what your possible actions can lead to.

Tarot Readings helps you for the future and gives you options

Tarot can boost your confidence so that you will be prepared for anything that can happen in your near future. You can get much information from the cards about your surroundings and circumstances. Once you get the desired information then you will feel more informed and will gain a better understanding of what you’re possible actions can be. You can handle the situations in much better ways when your confidence is boosted and you can carry yourself with a positive attitude. Actually, Tarot gives you such options if you follow you can make your life better and follow the right path.

Tarot confirms what you already know about

In a Tarot reading session, you will learn information that you secretly already know about yourself. It is not the Angels and spirits giving you the information about yourself but helping you to know more about yourself and help you to make the right decision. Our mind is a funny thing about our body because most often, we have the knowledge that we store away but never realize we have it. By using Tarot the information you receive will help you to unlock most of the information and knowledge that you have forgotten a long time ago. It reminds you of many things which were locked in your mind and needed to be reminded again.

Adding some Numerology in a Tarot reading

Tarot is a good tool to help you in many ways and giving you lots of information but it doesn’t mean that no other tool can be used with it. There are many Tarot readers all around the world who use Numerology with a Tarot reading. They do that as a result of these readings gives you some more detailed information about your questions. But it should be done properly and done by the professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of both Tarot and Numerology. This way you will get more options than using Tarot alone.


A tarot card reading gives you a very rich experience filled with knowledge and information about yourself and the world around you. You will quickly realize how positive experience you get from the tarot reading and when you get it you will find yourself wanting to have another one. Most of us are going through important or uncertain times in their lives at some stage. And the best way to fix your life is through the Tarot reading. It gives you options and positivity needed in your life. So give it a try to fix it.

Zodiac signs with their Archangels can do Magical Changes

As we all know, the Zodiac sign is never alone. Every amount has an Archangel which is always present for the help of that person and guidance. Today, we will get to know which zodiac sign has which Archangel?
As we all know there are 12 Zodiac signs and each of them has their own archangel to guide their people. Let’s have look and see which archangel belongs to whom?

Aries: Ariel makes it happen.
Aries people are very excited. They are never afraid of challenges. They believe that no challenge is bigger than ours. Ariel is the name of the person with Aries, the name is Kinjal Ariel. It always encourages people with Aries and encourages them not to lose heart. This beautiful angel is always available to help the people of Aries.

Taurus: Chamuel the angel of lost items.
The person with Taurus Zodiac is quite different, he forgets that the person of this zodiac is a little forgetful. He does not take any time to lose his things here and there. Charmulle speaks the angel in this sum. This angel helps the people of Taurus to reach their lost things, so that they should not be desperate and always move forward towards their future.

Gemini: Zadkiel, to forgive is Divine
People with Gemini are very kind. Those born in this amount are very quiet. These fighters keep away from the quarrels and believe in non-violence and love. They believe that the fight quarrel does not solve anything. We should calm down and decide with dialogue and believe in forgiveness. The name of the zodiac of this zodiac is Zedkiel, which is capable of assuring them forgiveness.

Cancer: Gabriel is the Mama Bear of angels.
People with cancer are very happy. The name of this zodiac is Gabriel. Who always smiles and always wants to keep smiling at every person of his zodiac. So that he should always be happy and continue to share happiness among the people. People with cancer have a belief in keeping others happy.

Leo: Raziel, the archangel for drama queens
People with a lion are a bit naughty and are gimmicky. They start acting dramatically and start showing tantrums. The person of this zodiac specializes in attracting attention to people. The name of this zodiac is named Raziel. That helps keep people of your zodiac naughty and happy.

Virgo: Metatron makes negative energy disappear into thin air.
The person with the Virgo amount is better than others. But they are not better in the area. So they are a little negative thinking. And they start spreading negativity around you. They can not believe that it is better. They do not believe in themselves, and in the same way, the souls of other people also break the faith. A few distances should be taken from such people. The name of this zodiac is Metatron.

Libra: Jophiel, the angel of Feng Shui.
People with Libra zodiac are very good hearts and always believe in helping others. The name of the angel in this zodiac is Jophiel. This relationship makes a person’s heart good and encourages others to help.

Scorpio: Jeremiel just says no to paranoia.
Scorpio is a very stable person. They are not obsessive like other people. They do not think of any work without consideration. Believe that if we consider any work unknowingly or if any action is taken without thought, we may have to repent later. Therefore, people with a Scorpio amount are very stable. We know the angel in this zodiac as Jeremiel.

Sagittarius: Raguel is a dispute settler, no holds barred.
People with sagittal zodiac are very obsessive. They cross every obstacle that comes in their way. They accept the challenge and also win with it. The people of this zodiac are filled with passion. The name of this zodiac is Raguel, which fills passion in them.

Capricorn: Azrael, the angel for the Other Side
People with Capricorn zodiac are slightly different thinking people. It always thinks of others before themselves. They believe that there is more happiness than others themselves. We know the angel in this zodiac as the name of Azrael, who makes such a noble heart to the people of Capricorn.

Aquarius: Uriel, the angel of wisdom and decision making.
People with Aquarius are very serious. They do not make any decisions in haste like others. They do all things very well. They are honest and always take the right decisions. We know the angel in this amount by the name of Uriel, who always helps the person in this amount to make the right decision.

Pisces: Sandalphon, this angel of music is no Phantom.
People with Pisces are the most different. These are neither too obsessive nor too serious. These are just different from others. Their faith is in good faith, their interest is in music. Often we have seen that people with Pisces are very good artists or musicians. We know the angel in this amount by the name of Sandalphon, who always guides people in Pisces to choose their career according to their interests.

So, these are 12 zodiacs and names of the angels of those zodiac signs. We have known today that the person of every zodiac is very different from each other. Some people are obsessive, some are serious, some are honest, some are musicians, some people decide in a joke, some people do not give up, and this is a very good thing for these zodiac signs. That we find people of many different varieties here, whose angels always guide them and help them.

Your Hobby Can Change Your Fate

According to the study of an international journal based on old age psychiatry, “paying attention to hawks like horticulture or crossword puzzle solving, you forget your problems for a while and your mood changes as well. It is good to be interested in something where you do not have to play the role of someone’s mother, father, partner or employee. There are only you. “When I was also looking for an alternative, there was something in my mind. As everyone says, on the failure of Plan A, there should always be a plan B in our life. This is absolutely right for amateurs like me because we meet some hobbies for a long time-get boiled and then look for other hobbies or interesting work.

One morning, with excitement, I started sorting out the regular crossword puzzle given in the supplement that comes with the newspaper. I have been fulfilling my complete devotion for three consecutive months with this new hobby with a single mind. Then suddenly I came to know that this is not just a word game, but on this game, there is the privilege of those people who are intelligent and whose interests are in areas such as science. Obviously, the attempt to fill every hole was taking me from my average thinking. I started discussions on every sign given for the possible word. Within two months, the momentum of thinking, conversation, and seeing began to improve significantly. In this crossword journey, I knew many words that were proving helpful to me in office or important works. Because of the introvert nature, I used to have difficulty in starting a conversation with anyone, but in three months alone this game did not make me feel isolated at any social event. The most important moment was that when one of my colleagues in my Boss’s Farewell Party asked me, “How do you always end your speech with the right words at the right time?” I started smiling. I thanked him for his words. I was sure that after reading it, he would soon find out about this.

With this hobby, I got the second advantage that now there was peace in my house too. Now there was no unnecessary debate from any member of the house. As if in the morning I was not in a hurry to read the paper before my husband. If you get a little different from your daily activities, then it starts questioning in others’ minds. So the next day my husband asked me, “Hey listen! Do not you read the paper anymore? “My answer was,” You probably do not know that nowadays, supplements coming with the paper are getting more interesting. “Why is this so that my husband would have understood the answer.

I personally like America’s diverse words, which do not include words like ‘secret’ and ‘hanging’. For the beginner of this game, I advise that do not rush to finish it in a single day and do not go on ‘secret’ words. It is better than trying to find answers to the questions yourself, finish it so that you do not feel more frustrated.

Moon in Astrology

Astrology is one of the system of divination. Similar to the other methods, astrology also needs a lot of practice and expert guidance. As we know astrology is the branch of science focused on the study of the planets and their effects. In this system moon plays a very important role in predicting the future outcomes. As we know moon is the only natural satellite of the earth as it absorbs the sun’s energy and reflects back in the form of light and energy.



Apart from being the only natural satellite of earth, in astrology, moon is considered as the governing planet of the Cancer Sign. As moon experience cycle of new moon and full moon, similarly, Cancerian also experience two extreme mood behaviours.

If moon is in favour then they will experience strong emotional support. They will enjoy all the relationships like friends, family, and love.

On the contrary, if moon is having its negative effect, then you will find yourself experiencing unbalanced emotional set back. This will also bring you the negative thoughts and feelings. Feeling as weird as killing yourself or finding lonely and depressed.

Although all these experiences are based on one’s own capabilities and inner faith. Individual with high will power takes this as an opportunity to prepare themself and come out more strong in future. Though all this is not possible in one day, but practicing every single day will make you better personality and give you good experience for refining your skills.

Effect of moon is not only limited to the emotional side of an individual but also has physical effects. You can experience this in full moon and new moon nights when there is unusual ebb and tidal flow. This makes moon very significant in terms of physical world. Not only these, you will find number of other examples, like in calendars. In these calendars moon is used to define months and termed as lunar month. This month is very important from astrological point of view.


Moon Divination System

Forecasting something for future with the help of moon system is not exactly fortune telling or prophecy. It is a medium to guide you and help you to understand the possible outcome of an event. This system is based on the fact that whole of a week is divided into 8 lunar parts. Every day will bring a different outcome of an event. In this system you get to know the possibility to start something particularly on which day of the month or when to get back to get more suitable time to start with work. But it does not encourage to take advice on every smallest of things, this is a tool for simplifying complex situation and not meant for destroying individuals decision making powers.


Moon Astrology

Practicing the oracle of the moon involves learning the phases of moon and their significance on  individuals and situations. Different phases of the moon represent different possibilities of the same situation. This can be started with reading books and lunar calendar. This way you can monitor lunar night and there effects.


Sometimes we think that the way things happening around us will never gives us chance to think about ourselves. We think we don’t have enough time to live our life the way we planned.

If you want to find happiness inside you then you need to keep aside the things around you. Wipe your mind for some time and release all the things which gives you stress. Then think about the things which gives you joy and make you happy. It will give you happiness and the stability in your life.

There are few things if you follow then you can change your life-

Just choose any normal day when you do some work. At the end of day think about the things you have done in the whole day and note down those as well which you missed. When you think about what you missed, you will feel depressed and if it is related to something emotional, you might have wet eyes. This will make you feel drained from inside. It will give you stress and overwhelmed feeling too. So to make a balance between all these you need to restore your energy to overcome with them. You need to release all the stress from your inner soul.

To do this entire first you need to know about yourself, what you like, dislike and most importantly what you want from your life.  And when you know all this then you need to make changes in your life. Like spend time with friends, take a walk, sing your favorite song and dance on it, go to beach for some time and do things which you like most. Just don’t care if someone is watching you. Most importantly you have to enjoy your life.

After sometime notice the change.  You don’t have to do these things every day. Just pick a day of your choice in a week and go for it. Just be positive and look forward. Spice up your soul and enjoy the life.  One day “unscheduled”.

Astrology can give you very meaningful information

Astrology is known as a practice by which we can connect events that took place in our life to astronomical phenomena.
The basic element of astrology is Horoscope, using some star charts, position of stars in our solar system and their relative angle at a specified time decides the events which can be happen. The main aim of Astrologers is to predict the future of any person, his/her personality, other information related to the person by reading the star charts. Star-charts showed the planetary position of stars like sun, moon and other planets. Astrologers believe that events are influenced by the state of the earth in past not by environmental factors. It is highly influenced by planetary forces and planets zodiac position.

As per astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your personality, while your Moon sign, the second most important sign represents your emotions, behaviour, your mood and habits. And the two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation. You can determine your Sun sign by your day and month of birth. Moon sign can be determined by calculation of your full date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. An astrologer can learn your qualities by your moon sign and tell you how unique you are and suggests how you can express yourself well or the best way to reveal yourself.

The Sun, maker of life, shows our conscious mind in Astrology. Sun sign is called as Zodiac in western culture. It is called as sun sign as our Earth travelled around it and all the horoscope linked with the sun.
There are 12 sun signs as per the Astrologers and they are as per the period given to them. The first sign is Aries (March 21-April 19).Those people who born in this period are courageous but selfish as well. Second sign is Taurus (April 20-20 May), sign for those who are trustworthy and fond of collecting possessions. Third on is Gemini (May 21-20 June).They are gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, have ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas but they are also nervous, inconsistent, indecisive.
Forth sign is Cancer (21 June-20 July) Cancer is ruled by the Moon and makes you a highly sensitive and emotional person. As the Moon changes signs quickly, the constant changes also make you moody.  The remaining sun signs are Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. You can check the sun sign and get the details of your sun sign from any astrologer. An Astrologer learns and knows about all the branches of astrology, it depends upon us whether we want information as per our Sun sign or Moon sign. This is something which can be very useful only if you believe on it.

Aura Cleansing

Every person has an Aura, which extends to three feet and has oval shape. The Aura leads to the building of personality. Aura contains different layers of energies. We, being humans tend to attract or get attracted towards others Aura, knowingly or unknowingly . Unbalanced Aura leads to mood swings and is often called as Aura Invasion. Once this happen you need to cleanse your aura in order to achieve the authenticity and the purity of the energy again. Best way to clean your aura and balance the energies is meditation , wherein Chakras help a lot. Close your eyes and think of grounding chakra at the base of your spine as a red colored spot, similarly other chakras with violet , golden colors etc . When you are free, envision a white colored energy surrounding you, giving you extra protection from breaching when outside .This color energy replenishes the entire Aura with full of positive energy. This process may take some time, so practicing regularly improves the efficiency. If you feel it is very difficult , then take advice from specialized Psychics involved in aura cleansing. More about Aura on rebeccaspardig.com

How to Determine the Age of Your Soul

Have you ever been described as an “old soul,” or met someone who seems to be wise well beyond their years? According to the theory of soul age, all souls are on a journey to learn important lessons through many lifetimes. Rather than corresponding to your chronological age, the age of your soul corresponds to the amount of experiences it’s had — in other words, the number of times it has been reincarnated.

Reincarnation and Soul Age

Reincarnation (also known as transmigration or metempsychosis) generally doesn’t allow people to carry memories from one lifetime to the next, but that doesn’t mean that the soul is a completely clean slate between journeys. Souls that have undergone many reincarnations exhibit different characteristics than those who have not, and this often manifests in their life goals and attitude toward personal development.

The purpose of reincarnation is one of refinement. As souls progress through multiple lifetimes, they accumulate experiences and learn lessons. This allows them to grow and mature through being young souls, middle aged souls, and old souls — the point at which the soul is perfected and reincarnation is no longer necessary. Past life regressions and fortune telling online are helpful ways to uncover lessons that may need to be learned in order for souls to progress, but it is ultimately reincarnation that allows them to advance.

How Old Is Your Soul?

To determine the age of a soul, I find it’s most helpful to look at a person’s approach to life — are they rigid or free-spirited? How important is individuality to them? Do they seek out metaphysical pursuits? These can be some of the strongest indicators of a soul’s age.

Young souls find comfort in rule systems and familiar surroundings. They may be reliant on their peer group, and often find fulfillment in family or religious organizations. Souls at the upper end of this range generally find themselves seeking to prove their worth to those around them, and seek independence by standing head and shoulders above the other members of the groups they found comfort in during their previous incarnations.

Middle-aged souls typically display more maturity and patience than younger souls. They are better able to work in a group without being as heavily reliant on them as very young souls, and exhibit traits of responsibility and dependability. They also tend to focus more on personal development than differentiating themselves from their peers for the sake of being different.

Old souls have lived through hundreds of reincarnations. They know the ropes, and are typically relaxed and calm in their dealings. They are excellent at giving advice, deeply empathetic, and have the ability to take a bird’s eye view of any problem. Particularly old souls may become spiritual gurus, and seek to help other people along on their souls’ journeys.

Are You an Old Soul?

No soul age is better or worse than another — while old souls may be closer to the end of the refining process, young souls have an unmatched energy and exuberance the world would be far worse off without. That said, the old souls I have met usually exhibit a particular group of traits you may see within yourself.

Old souls may exhibit some innate abilities, like clairvoyance or strong intuition, and maintain a meaningful relationship with the psychosynthesis concept of Self. They are not ego-driven or materialistic, and understand that this existence is just one tiny part of an infinitely large and beautiful reality. For this reason, they may find themselves unable to relate to others of their chronological age and spend much of their time in introspection. Some old souls may even be drawn to certain historical periods from centuries, or even millennia, before they were born into this life. They may seek out fortune telling online as a way to focus their introspection and learn more during their lifetime.

Whether someone is an old soul or a young one, still learning life’s lessons or offering their wisdom to the world, spiritual guidance is always a sound investment. Contact me today for a reading and see what this stage of your soul’s journey has in store for you.


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