Earth Angel

Earth Angel

When you will become older then you get to know the inner self of yours. When you reach your twenties then you’ll begin to know yourself. You try to do different things, styles, join new groups of friends, but still, you feel a bit of an outsider. You sometimes think that people are unaware of what you are in reality. Sometimes you think you were born at the wrong time, place or society. We have lots of questions in our mind. Why can’t people see the real you? Why can’t you see the real you?

If you have these kinds of questions in your mind then this might be a sign that you are different from others and you might be an Earth Angel.
What Earth Angel? Let me tell you I am not talking about an alien. Doesn’t worry I am not saying that you are not unstable but you have a well-developed awareness of others. You have psychic abilities. You can empathize anyone without being affected by their problems. You are fascinated by astrology, tarot, dreams and the psychic realms. You will get the feeling that you have psychic abilities. It will be same as being an Earth Angel.

Earth Angel means that you can channel your psychic energy to help others. When you are at your later age then, people love your company, so try to visit your elderly relatives and neighbors regularly. When you get older, you learn new skills that fit in with your ‘angelness.’ You can learn the tarot or study astrology to enhance your psychic abilities. Also if you do Yoga, it will bring you peace and heightened awareness. Meditation will bring you valuable insights and self-knowledge. At the same time, it will ground you and ward off depression. Spend time in nature, breathe and feel a deep calm drift over you. Immerse yourself in the flow of creation. Feel great power rushing through your being and never forget that you are an Earth Angel. You should choose a career that fits in with your unique personality. Don’t follow others if you don’t like it. If you do that you will be unhappy. Find your passion which lifts your spirits and follows your inner guidance. You will get the answer what you need to do.

When you know that you are an Earth Angel then there’s no need to do anything specific. Learn to love and forgive unconditionally. Use your gifts wisely, as they are not only gifts for you but other people too. Always remember that you can’t change other people. Just try to find ways to help them with your psychics. Doing this will bring out the best in them and help them to discover who they are.

There will be times when you don’t feel very connected. Accept that there will be such times; sooner or later, your light will shine brightly again. There will be many occasions when you will react like a normal person who doesn’t have any psychic powers. This disconnection comes at many times in your life so don’t get bothered about these. Just believe in yourself and pray to God that you want these powers to help others not for yourself only. Believe me, you will have what you wish for.

Try to grow healing herbs, flowers, and vegetables in your garden. Don’t worry about the amount and scale, just start doing it. You will be more connected to the Earthly powers and nature itself. Getting your hands in the dirt connects the flow of source directly to the earth – that’s why gardeners are happy people. If you can’t garden, then go barefoot as often as possible.