I Ching

I Ching


I Ching is one of the oldest method of divination, this is the book of chinese wisdom. Which contain experience of over 2500 years of diviners. This is the book that has been offering people advice and guidance for ages.This I Ching contains large collection of text and images beautifully mixed with advice, philosophy and poetry.

What is I Ching?

I ching is a book consist of 64 chapters each with a hexagrams i.e collection of six lines. When you consult I Ching, you build an hexagram similar to the pattern of the book. Then these pattern are compared with that of book. This will take you to the collection of text – advice for your situation. These lines are not just the image but they are the depiction of energy flow. As I ching means “Book of Changes” this is what it reflect in whole of the book, it bring vision to see and empowers you to make changes for better.

Scope of I Ching

I ching proved, that it can answer anything within the limit of human understanding. Weather it is the outcome of the current situation or opportunities in future. All this looks like predicting the future though it is just the deeper insight of the present. No power can predict what will happen in future without we decide the path. All the prediction is based on the the path we take, I ching will be of great help in telling you the future possibilities and challenges. Being a human being, we have the willpower to choose our own path, and Ching helps to develop the strategies to achieve goals.

Use of I Ching

Similar to Runes and Tarot, I ching is also used for divination. I ching will help you to get deeper insight of the situation, so that you can work accordingly and bring changes and improvement in your life. I ching bring harmony and balances the spiritual life and everyday life. With this restored connection of life, people find improvement in their relationship and in there interaction in business, friendship and love. I ching helps in understanding others feeling and how the situation looks from there end. This prepare you to face the challenges or events going to occur in near future.

Who can learn I Ching?

I Ching as such don’t require any special skills, it is very simple to get it started. One who can read and follow the instruction can understand and learn I Ching. There is so much to explore starting from text to images. This is the book of changes, and with every changing situation and passing days there will be more to explore. So the main requirement or skills for a I Ching learner is the ability to keep on exploring and secondly he should be patient. Being patient is of great importance as during the initial learning phase there will be very less right predictions and people often consider it as there failure. Though similar to other arts this also need time and practice to get fruitful results.

How to learn I Ching?

Learning I ching require dedicate time and practice to start understanding basic. Reading book can be the first step to get the feel and understanding of I Ching. But just by reading books, one can not learn the functioning of the I Ching. For this one needs to practice and it would be better if one can work as an assistance to an experienced reader. As working with real readers will give the exposure required for  mastering the art.


Though there are so many other ways of divination, still I ching has its own significance, As it is not only a medium to know the future but it also acts as the guide or help to make future more fruitful and positive. Another reason for being so significant is that it has rooted tradition of around 2500-3000 years. Where people are relying and using I Ching from ages and passing on the book of wisdom from one generation to other .