Sometimes we think that the way things happening around us will never gives us chance to think about ourselves. We think we don’t have enough time to live our life the way we planned.

If you want to find happiness inside you then you need to keep aside the things around you. Wipe your mind for some time and release all the things which gives you stress. Then think about the things which gives you joy and make you happy. It will give you happiness and the stability in your life.

There are few things if you follow then you can change your life-

Just choose any normal day when you do some work. At the end of day think about the things you have done in the whole day and note down those as well which you missed. When you think about what you missed, you will feel depressed and if it is related to something emotional, you might have wet eyes. This will make you feel drained from inside. It will give you stress and overwhelmed feeling too. So to make a balance between all these you need to restore your energy to overcome with them. You need to release all the stress from your inner soul.

To do this entire first you need to know about yourself, what you like, dislike and most importantly what you want from your life.  And when you know all this then you need to make changes in your life. Like spend time with friends, take a walk, sing your favorite song and dance on it, go to beach for some time and do things which you like most. Just don’t care if someone is watching you. Most importantly you have to enjoy your life.

After sometime notice the change.  You don’t have to do these things every day. Just pick a day of your choice in a week and go for it. Just be positive and look forward. Spice up your soul and enjoy the life.  One day “unscheduled”.