Moon in Astrology

Moon in Astrology

Astrology is one of the system of divination. Similar to the other methods, astrology also needs a lot of practice and expert guidance. As we know astrology is the branch of science focused on the study of the planets and their effects. In this system moon plays a very important role in predicting the future outcomes. As we know moon is the only natural satellite of the earth as it absorbs the sun’s energy and reflects back in the form of light and energy.



Apart from being the only natural satellite of earth, in astrology, moon is considered as the governing planet of the Cancer Sign. As moon experience cycle of new moon and full moon, similarly, Cancerian also experience two extreme mood behaviours.

If moon is in favour then they will experience strong emotional support. They will enjoy all the relationships like friends, family, and love.

On the contrary, if moon is having its negative effect, then you will find yourself experiencing unbalanced emotional set back. This will also bring you the negative thoughts and feelings. Feeling as weird as killing yourself or finding lonely and depressed.

Although all these experiences are based on one’s own capabilities and inner faith. Individual with high will power takes this as an opportunity to prepare themself and come out more strong in future. Though all this is not possible in one day, but practicing every single day will make you better personality and give you good experience for refining your skills.

Effect of moon is not only limited to the emotional side of an individual but also has physical effects. You can experience this in full moon and new moon nights when there is unusual ebb and tidal flow. This makes moon very significant in terms of physical world. Not only these, you will find number of other examples, like in calendars. In these calendars moon is used to define months and termed as lunar month. This month is very important from astrological point of view.


Moon Divination System

Forecasting something for future with the help of moon system is not exactly fortune telling or prophecy. It is a medium to guide you and help you to understand the possible outcome of an event. This system is based on the fact that whole of a week is divided into 8 lunar parts. Every day will bring a different outcome of an event. In this system you get to know the possibility to start something particularly on which day of the month or when to get back to get more suitable time to start with work. But it does not encourage to take advice on every smallest of things, this is a tool for simplifying complex situation and not meant for destroying individuals decision making powers.


Moon Astrology

Practicing the oracle of the moon involves learning the phases of moon and their significance on  individuals and situations. Different phases of the moon represent different possibilities of the same situation. This can be started with reading books and lunar calendar. This way you can monitor lunar night and there effects.